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Below is a list of current Civil Service job openings at Lafayette Consolidated Government. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply.

Discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, age or sex is prohibited and you may notify the EEOC, the FCC, or other appropriate agency if you believe you have been discriminated against.

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TitleLocationDepartmentSalary Range
Bus OperatorLafayette, LATraffic, Roads, and BridgesHOURLY $14.95-$18.70/DOE
Buyer IILafayette, LAAccounting and FinanceHOURLY $18.55-$23.19/DOE
Communications Installation Tech (LUS Fiber) Lafayette, LACommunications SystemHOURLY $19.57-$24.47/DOE
Electrical Engineering Aide Spec I (LUS Fiber- Engineering)Lafayette, LACommunications SystemHOURLY $22.45-$28.07/DOE
Electrical Engineering Aide Specialist I (LUS Eng-Adm)Lafayette, LAUtilitiesHOURLY $22.45-$28.07/DOE
Equipment Operator II (Golf Course)Lafayette, LAPARCHOURLY $11.82-$14.78/DOE
Equipment Operator II (Tandem Axle Dump Truck)Lafayette, LAMultiple DepartmentsHOURLY $11.82-$14.78/DOE
Equipment Operator III (Mini-Excavator)Lafayette, LADrainageHOURLY $13.38-$16.73/DOE
Equipment Operator IV (Excavator, Gradall, etc)Lafayette, LADrainageHOURLY $15.11-$18.88/DOE
Equipment Operator IV (LUS Water Distribution)Lafayette, LAUtilitiesHOURLY $15.11-$18.88/DOE
Fleet MechanicLafayette, LAPublic WorksHOURLY $16.86-$21.07/DOE
Fleet Service WriterLafayette, LAPublic WorksHOURLY $10.15-$12.69/DOE
GIS Technician (IT - CIO-GIS)Lafayette, LAInnovation and TechnologyHOURLY $21.35-$26.68/DOE
JanitorLafayette, LAMultiple DepartmentsHOURLY $9.16-$11.44/DOE
Laborer IILafayette, LAMultiple DepartmentsHOURLY $10.41-$13.02/DOE
Librarian I (Adult Reference)Lafayette, LALibraryHOURLY $19.61-$24.51/DOE
Librarian II (Adult Reference)Lafayette, LALibraryHOURLY $21.38-$26.72/DOE
Librarian II (Youth Services)Lafayette, LALibraryHOURLY $21.38-$26.72/DOE
Plant Instrument Mechanic II (LUS)Lafayette, LAUtilitiesHOURLY $19.21-$24.01/DOE
Plant Maintenance Mechanic II (LUS)Lafayette, LAUtilitiesHOURLY $17.02-$21.29/DOE
Programmer Analyst (LUS Fiber ENG)Lafayette, LACommunications SystemHOURLY $24.80-$30.99/DOE
Secretary II (LUS Eng/Adm)Lafayette, LAUtilitiesHOURLY $13.99-$17.49/DOE
Senior Budget AnalystLafayette, LAAccounting and FinanceHOURLY $23.25-$29.06/DOE
Service Station AttendantLafayette, LAPublic WorksHOURLY $10.15-$12.69/DOE
Systems Analyst (LUS Fiber)Lafayette, LACommunications SystemHOURLY $28.62-$35.78/DOE
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